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2014 Eastern Bluebird FDC

2014 Eastern Bluebird

Marking the 60th Anniversary of the Bermuda Audubon Society Date: 15th May 2014 Stamps: BERMUDA Eastern Bluebird 35c, 85c, $1.10, $1.25 Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 15.MAY14A PEROT POST OFFICE BERMUDA Cachet: bermuda Eastern Bluebird / BERMUDA Official First Day Cover Release Date: 15 May 2014 Address: Postmaster General Bermuda Liner bermuda Eastern Bluebird […]

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2006 Washington 2006 World Philatelic Exhibition

World Philatelic Exhibition Date: 27th May 2006 Stamp: Bermuda $1.10 Map of Bermuda Souvenir Sheet: MS979 82.5mm x 65mm WASHINGTON 2006 World Philatelic Exhibition Washington DC, USA May 27 – June 3, 2006 CDS: 01 27.MAY06A PHILATELIC BUREAU BERMUDA Cachet: WASHINGTON 2006 WORLD PHILATELIC EXHIBITION / BERMUDA OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER 27 MAY – 3 […]

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1991 Bermuda Paintings Part III FDC

1991 Bermuda Paintings Part III

Commemorating the paintings of Bermuda Date: 16th May 1991 Stamps: 20c Pitts Bay Road, Prosper Senat 1916; 55c Frank Allison 1930; 70c Old Maid’s Lane, Jack Bush 1934; $2 St. George’s, Ogden M. Pleissner 1953 Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 16MAY91A HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: BERMUDA PAINTINGS PART III, BERMUDA OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER. Map […]

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1990 Stamp World London 1990 FDC

1990 Stamp World London 90

Commemorating Stamp World 90 at Alexandra Palace Date: 3rd May 1990 Stamps: 18c One Penny; 50c Two Pence; 60c Six Pence and $2 One Shilling. All overprinted “Stamp World London 90” and logo. Type: Offiical First Day Cover CDS: HAMILTON 03.MAY90A Cachet: Official First Day Cover Bermuda. Stamp World London 90. Alexandra Palace 3–13 May […]

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1989 150 Years of Photography FDC

1989 150 Years of Photography

Celebrating 150 years of photography Date: 11th May 1989 Stamps: 18c Morgan’s Island; 30c Front Street Hamilton; 50c Front Street Hamilton; 60c Crow Lane – Hamiliton Harbour; 70c Hamilton Harbour – Shipbuilding; $1 Dockyard Type: First Day Cover CDS: 11.MAY89A HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: 150 Years of Photography BERMUDA Official First Day Cover 11 May 1989 […]

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1986 AMERIPEX 86 Chicago

International Philatelic Exhibition Date: 22nd May 1986 Stamps: Bermuda 15c 1984 375th Anniversary of Settlement miniature sheet; 40c 1973 Lawn Tennis Centenary 24c; 50c 1983 Bicentenary of Manned Flight 12c; $1 1976 Tall Ships Race 17c. Miniature Sheet/Souvenir Sheet: MS533 80x80mm $1.50 Statue of Liberty and Monarch of Bermuda. Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: […]

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1984 375th Anniversary of Bermuda FDC

1984 375th Anniversary of Bermuda 1609-1984

Commemorating the 375th anniversary of Bermuda 1609-1984 Date: 3rd May 1984 Stamps: 375th Anniversary of Bermuda 1609-1984 – 12c Sir Thomas Gates and Sir George Somers; 30c Jamestown Virginia; 40c Wreck of the Sea Venture; $1 Fleet leaving Plymouth England. Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 03.MAY84A HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: 375th Anniversary of Bermuda 1609-1984. […]

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1982 Bermuda Shells

Shells definitive stamps Date: 13th May 1982 Stamps: 10c Conus species; 25c Bursa finlayi; 30c Sconsia striata and $1 Murex pterynotus lightbourni Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 13MAY82A HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: BERMUDA SHELLS Life cycle of the Slit Shell (Perotrochus Adamsoniana) Official First Day Cover – Release Date 13 May 1982 Address: The Hon. […]

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1981 Bermuda Heritage Issue FDC

1981 Bermuda Heritage Issue

Commemorating the heritage of Bermuda Date: 21st May 1981 Stamps: BERMUDA HERITAGE 8c KITCHEN (18th century); 25c GATHERING EASTER LILLIES (20th century); 30c FISHING (20th century); 40c STONE CUTTING (19th century); 50c ONION SHIPPING (19th century); $1 PRIVATEERING (17th century) Type: Official First Day Cover Cachet: BERMUDA Heritage Issue OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER MAY 21st […]

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