Bermuda omnibus issues

1937 George VI Coronation FDCBritish Empire and Commonwealth omnibus issues are stamps used by a large number of territories with common subjects and designs.

Initially designs were identical for each colony with only the values, colours and colony names varying. Later issues, some featuring a wider range of designs, including themes related to the British Royal Family, but also for subjects such as Freedom from Hunger (1963) and the World Cup Football (1966).

Not every colony necessarily participated in every issue, although the revenue produced by the stamps is a valuable source of income for many smaller colonies and Commonwealth countries.

The first British Empire Omnibus issue was the King George V Silver Jubilee issue of 1935 of which Bermuda were included.

Bermuda Omnibus issues

1935 – Silver Jubilee of King George V
1937 – Coronation of King George VI
1946 – Peace and Victory
1948 – Silver Wedding Anniversary
1949 – Universal Postal Union
1953 – Queen Elizabeth II Coronation
1963 – Freedom from Hunger
1963 – Red Cross Centenary
1965 – International Telecommunications Union Centenary
1965 – International Co-operation Year
1966 – Winston Churchill Commemoration
1966 – Football World Cup
1966 – 20th Anniversary of UNESCO
1972 – Royal Silver Wedding
1973 – Royal Wedding Princess Anne
1977 – Royal Silver Jubilee of Elizabeth II
1978 – 25th Anniversary of Queen Elizabeths Coronation
1980 – 80th Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother
1981 – Charles and Diana Royal Wedding
1985 – Life and Times of Elizabeth the Queen Mother
1986 – 60th Birthday of Queen Elizabeth II
1993 – 75th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force
1997 – Queen Elizabeth Golden Wedding
1998 – Diana, Princess of Wales Commemoration
2002 – Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee
2002 – Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother Commemoration
2003 – 50th Anniversary of Coronation
2005 – Bicentenary of Battle of Trafalgar
2007 – Centenary of World Scouting

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