Useful information for those collecting Bermuda Stamps.

  • Posters

    Tourism posters of Bermuda used on stamps
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  • How a Cancelling Machine works

    Machine Cancellations

    Cancelling by machine Cancelling machines were first introduced in January 1913 at the Hamilton Post Office. The other Bermuda post offices had them introduced later shown in the list below. Cancelling machine introduction in Bermuda 1913 – Hamilton 1934 – St. Georges 1965 – Paget 1982 – Mangrove Bay 1986 – Devonshire and Warwick 1988 […]
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  • Auctions

    Participating in auctions Auctions are good way of buying good quality items at a good price usually with a good range to choose from. Many people will have bid on items on eBay but not so many have tried traditional auction rooms. In the past you’ve had to attend the auction in person or make […]
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  • Getting Started

    Starting your Bermuda stamp collection Lots of people have asked me for advice on how to start a Bermuda stamp collection, so rather than answer each individual I decided to make this page. Step 1: Get a good catalogue A good Bermuda catalogue will help you get a feel for prices and the type of […]
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  • Stamp Care

    Taking care of stamps DISCLAIMER: The following techniques are what I do and not necessarily the best practice and I make no warranty about the outcome. In other words proceed at your own risk! Flattening Dry stamps Place the fully dry stamps as flat as possible on a piece of glassine or other non-porous piece […]
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  • First Day Covers

    First Day Cover manufacturers A list and information about companies who produce commercial First Day Covers. Bermuda Post Office Producers of Official First Day covers for Bermuda. Fleetwood US First Day cover company acquired by Mystic. Colorano Silk USA manufacturer of full-colour silk cachets for first day and special event covers. Colorano are a […]
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  • Postal Rates

    The Postal Rates of Bermuda This page will display the postage rates of Bermuda as the information is gathered. 1865 1d – Local Letters 6d – Letters to British North America and British West Indies 1/- – Letters to United Kingdom Source: Article – I’m guessing on the destinations! 1879 Postcard and letter standard rates […]
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  • British Imperial Censorship

    Bermuda the World War II hub At the outbreak of World War II censorship departments were set up across the British Empire with the main headquarters in Liverpool chosen since it was a important shipping port and the perception that it was less likely to be bombed than London. Bermuda became a satellite Ultra establishment […]
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  • Bermuda Islands map

    List of islands of Bermuda

    List of the islands making up Bermuda Agar’s Island Alpha Island Banjo Island Bartlett’s Island Bartram Island Bay Island Bermuda Beta Island Bethell’s Island Bird Island Bluck’s Island Boaz Island Brooks Island Burnt Island Burt Island, Warwick Burt’s Island, Saint George’s Castle Island Cat Island Cave Island Charles Island Cobbler’s Island Cooper Island, now incorporated […]
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  • Map of US States

    US State Abbreviations

    Help with US States names There is a lot of mail between Bermuda and the USA and often the states are abbreviated on covers. US State Abbreviation Alabama AL Alaska AK Arizona AZ Arkansas AR California CA Colorado CO Connecticut CT Delaware DE Florida FL Georgia GA Hawaii HI Idaho ID Illinois IL Indiana IN […]
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  • Cinderella Stamps

    Closely resembling a postage stamp A cinderella stamp is anything stamp-like resembling a postage stamp, but not issued for postal purposes by a government postal administration. As cinderella stamps are defined by what they are not, there are many different types and the term is usually construed fairly loosely. Items normally regarded as falling within […]
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  • Stamp Printing

    Priniting techniques used to produce Bermuda stamps Bermuda stamps have been produced using a variety of different printing techniques. Typo Recess Lithography (Litho) Photo Gravure See Bermuda Stamp Printers
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  • Stamp Printers

    Printers of Bermuda Stamps Here are the main security printing companies which produced Bermuda stamps in order of first issue. De La Rue & Co. (D.L.R.) The company was founded by Thomas de la Rue, who moved to London in 1821 and set up in business as a stationer and printer. Working as a ‘boy […]
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  • Monarch’s Heads

    Portraits, cameos and cyphers used on Bermuda stamps The dates shown are the year they first appeared. The only stamps not to feature a monarch’s head or royal cypher were the King Edward VII Dry Dock, the Ship Type, 50th Anniversary of Rotary in Bermuda and the Bermuda Miss World issues.
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  • Watermarks

    Watermarks used on Bermuda stamps Bermuda stamp watermarks are typical of those used for stamps of various British possessions. Knowing which watermark your stamps have will enable you to correctly identify them and discover whether you have any real rarities in your collection. Shown below are typical watermarks and first year of use in Bermuda. […]
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  • Airmail

    Information about airmail in Bermuda With First Flight Covers and Commemorative stamps there is a good history of airmail connections with Bermuda Stamps. Zeppelin Airmail US Navy Los Angeles As part of the reparations following the First World War, Germany handed over to the United States Zeppelin LZ126 which made its first trial flight in […]
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  • Jaques Minkus Stamp Dealer

    Stamp Dealers

    Stamp dealers relevant to Bermuda This page will cover Bermuda Stamp Dealers who have supplied and distributed cacheted covers or other philatelic items relevant to Bermuda. It’s very much work in progress and a ‘notes’ holding area. Albert C. Roessler Address: Mr. A. C. Roessler, 140 South Parkway, East Orange, New Jersey, USA Albert C. […]
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  • Envelopes and Covers

    Common envelope and cover dimensions The envelope size system we use today was introduced in the late 1960s. Prior to that envelopes were manufactured in a variety of non-standard sizes. NB. the second dimension quoted is the flap side DL 110mm × 220mm – Official First Day Covers since 1970 3½” × 6½” (90mm x […]
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  • Post Offices

    Post Offices of Bermuda List of post offices and their stamp cancels. Information and images from Bermuda Post Office. HAMILTON The General Post Office in Hamilton, capital of Bermuda and financial centre, major port and tourist destination. The General Post Office Bermuda 56 Church Street, Hamilton City   PEROT POST OFFICE Perot Post Office is […]
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  • Links

    Useful philately links Here is a selection of useful link. If you have any suggestions then please get in touch. Bermuda Specific Bermuda Post Office All the information you would expect from a Post Office website. The BPO have a philatelic bureau for stamps sales. Bermuda Collectors Society With its worldwide membership, The Bermuda […]
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  • Map of Bermuda Postcard


    A selection of maps of Bermuda Postcard of Bermuda Islands Antique Map of Bermuda Map showing Bermuda Parishes Postcard Map of Bermuda Imperial Airways map of Empire and European air routes including Bermuda   Detail of Imperial Airways map of Empire and European air routes showing Bermuda Piloting Map of Bermuda Islands Map showing the […]
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