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Post Offices of Bermuda

List of post offices and their stamp cancels. Information and images from Bermuda Post Office.

The General Post Office BermudaHAMILTON

The General Post Office in Hamilton, capital of Bermuda and financial centre, major port and tourist destination.

The General Post Office Bermuda
56 Church Street, Hamilton City

New GPO Hamilton on 1977 UPU Centenary 40c stamp

New GPO Hamilton 1967

Old Post Office Hamilton 1935 on 1977 UPU Centenary 17c stamp

Old Post Office Hamilton c. 1935



Perot Post Office is located in Hamilton and named after William B. Perot, Bermuda’s first Postmaster General in 1821.

Perot Post Office
11 Queen Street, Hamilton

Perot Post Office on 1977 UPU Centenary 17c stamp

Perot Post Office

St George's Post OfficeST. GEORGE’S

St. George’s, located on the island and within the parish of the same name, settled in 1612, St. George’s was the first permanent English settlement on the islands of Bermuda.

St. George’s Post Office
11 Water Street, St. George’s

St George's Post Office on 1977 UPU Centenary 17c stamp

St George’s Post Office c. 1860


Southampton Post OfficeSOUTHAMPTON

Southampton Post Office in Southampton Parish named for Henry Wriothesley, 3rd Earl of Southampton.

Southampton Post Office
2 Church Street, Southampton Parish

Flatts Post OfficeFLATTS

Flatts Post Office is located in the small settlement lying on the southern bank of Flatt’s Inlet in Hamilton Parish, almost exactly between Hamilton and St. George’s.

Flatts Post Office
65 Middle Road, Smiths Parish

Devonshire South Post OfficeDEVONSHIRE SOUTH

Devonshire Post Office is located in the south of Devonshire Parish, which is located in the centre of the territory, close to the junction between the main part of the main island and the peninsula containing the capital, Hamilton, and Pembroke Parish.

Devonshire Post Office
2 Orange Valley Road, Devonshire Parish

Somerset Bridge Post OfficeSOMERSET BRIDGE

Somerset Bridge Post office is located in Sandy’s Parish.

Somerset Bridge Post Office
1 Middle Road, Sandy’s Parish

Mangrove Bay Post OfficeMANGROVE BAY

Mangrove Bay Post Office is located in Somerset Island on Sandys Parish.

Mangrove Bay Post Office
55 Mangrove Bay Road, Sandy’s Parish

Warwick Post OfficeWARWICK

Warwick Post Office is located in Warwick Parish.

Warwick Post Office
70 Middle Road, Warwick Parish

Paget Post OfficePAGET

Paget Post Office is located in Paget Parish.

Paget Post Office
108 Middle Road, Paget

Crawl Post OfficeCRAWL

Crawl Post Office is located in Hamilton Parish.

Crawl Post Office
42 Radnor Road, Crawl

Harrington Sound Post OfficeHARRINGTON SOUND

Harrington Sound Post Office is located in Smith’s Parish.

Harrington Sound Post Office
19 Harrington Sound Road, Hamilton Parish

St David's Post OfficeST DAVID’S

St. David’s Post Office is located in St. George’s Parish.

St. David’s Post Office
103 St. David’s Road, St. George’s


More information required. Maybe as above.


Bailey’s Bay Post Office was located in Hamilton Parish – closed DEC 2010.

Bailey’s Bay Post Office
2 Wilkinson Avenue, Hamilton Parish


Home to the Royal Naval Dockyard.

US Military Postal Service (MPS)


AMERICAN BASE FORCES APO 802 (APO is Army Post Office or Air Force Post Office)

Fort Bell and Kindley Field. Details to come.

Some additional notes to Post Office CDSs

Numbers 1865-, 1879-, 1882-

  • Bailey’s Bay 1896 14 13 12 32n21 64w43
  • crawl 1896 15 15 13 32n20 64w44
  • Devonshire North 1896 11 19 16
  • Devonshire South 1896 – – 17
  • Docks – Hamilton 1933
  • Flatts 1896 13 16 15 32n19 64w45
  • Hamilton 1869 2 1 1 32n18 64w48
  • Harrington Sound 1896 12 17 14 32n19 64w43
  • Ireland Island 1896 3 3 3 32n19 64w50
  • Mangrove Bay 1896 4 4 4 32n18 64w52
  • Paget 1932 32n17 64w46
  • Paget East 1896 10 5 5
  • Paget West 1896 9 6 6
  • Pembroke West 1896 32n18 64w48
  • St. David’s 1896 – – 19 32n22 64w40
  • St. Georges 1852 1 2 2 32n23 64w41
  • St. George’s West 1896 – – 18 32n22 64w42
  • Somerset Bridge 1896 5 11 11 32n16 64w53
  • Southampton 1943 32n15 64w52
  • Southampton East 1896 7 9 9
  • Southampton West 1896 6 10 10 32n15 64w52
  • Warwick 1939 32n16 64w49
  • Warwick East 1896 – 7 7
  • Warwick West 1896 8 8 8

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