First Day Covers

First Day Cover manufacturers

A list and information about companies who produce commercial First Day Covers.

Bermuda Post Office

Producers of Official First Day covers for Bermuda.


US First Day cover company acquired by Mystic.

Colorano Silk

USA manufacturer of full-colour silk cachets for first day and special event covers. Colorano are a fully-serviced first day cover manufacturer which means they do not furnish blank cacheted envelopes in advance of an issue. Typically, our covers are available 3 to 6 weeks after issue date.


ArtCraft cachets and ArtCraft first day covers are recognised worldwide for the excellence of their artistic designs, and for their high quality printing on rag content envelopes. ArtCraft has been the first name in First Day Covers since the brand was introduced by Washington Stamp Exchange in 1939.


Benham are a leading independent producer of First Day Covers and have been in operation for over 30 years and their philosophy is simple – to produce the most beautiful covers in the world, a joy to collect and increasing in value as time goes by. When we design our own covers, we go to enormous lengths to create ones you will be proud to own and display. We capture the theme of the stamp issue and print it onto ‘silken’ fabric. We attach these to the covers by hand and frame them with gold-blocked borders. When finished, each one presents a total picture linking the stamps, postmarks and cover designs to create a miniature work of art.

Why a special postmark? When you receive a letter through the post, the postmark is simply intended to show you where and when it was posted. With a Benham First Day Cover they find a place connected with the person, event or subject featured on the stamps and create a pictorial postmark. The date featured is the date of the first day the stamps are available.


The Stuart First Day Cover, with its defining logo of the thistle, has been in existence longer than any other First Day Envelope on the market today. The company was started in 1965 and was acquired by Cotswold as Cotswold & Stuart.

Three Arrows

First Day Cover company manufacturing various Bermuda FDCs.