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1991 Bermuda Transport IV FDC

1991 Bermuda Transport IV – Private Carriages

Commemorating horse drawn private carriages Date: 21st March 1991 Stamps: Transport IV 20c Two-Seater Pony Cart. C.1805; 30c Varnished Rockaway C.1830; 55c Vis-a-Vis Victoria C.1895; 70c Semi-Formal Phaeton C.1900; 80c The Pony Runabout C.1905; and $1 Ladies Phaeton C.1910 Type: First Day Cover CDS: 21MAR91A HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: Transport IV official first day cover Release […]

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1987 Bermuda Transport Part I Bermuda Railway FDC

1987 Bermuda Transport Part I Railway c1931-1947

The Bermuda Railway Date: 22nd January 1987 Stamps: 15c Front Street Hamilton c.1940; 40c Springfield Trestle; 50c No. 101 Pulling the St. George Special at Bailey’s Bay Station and $1.50 The Boat Train at St. George. The ‘Prince David’ alongside. Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 22.JAN87A PEROT POST OFFICE BERMUDA Cachet: BERMUDA TRANSPORT (PART […]

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1986 AMERIPEX 86 Chicago

International Philatelic Exhibition Date: 22nd May 1986 Stamps: Bermuda 15c 1984 375th Anniversary of Settlement miniature sheet; 40c 1973 Lawn Tennis Centenary 24c; 50c 1983 Bicentenary of Manned Flight 12c; $1 1976 Tall Ships Race 17c. Miniature Sheet/Souvenir Sheet: MS533 80x80mm $1.50 Statue of Liberty and Monarch of Bermuda. Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: […]

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1985 Halley's Comet 1985/6 FDC

1985 Halley’s Comet 1985/6

Commemorating Halley’s Comet Date: 21st November 1985 Stamps: BERMUDA 15c Halley’s Comet, 1985/6 Bermuda Archipelago; 40c Halley’s Comet, A.D.684 As recorded Nuremberg Chronicles 1493; 50c Halley’s Comet, 1531 From Peter Apian woodcut 1532; $1.50 Halley’s Comet, 1759 Detail from painting by Samuel Scott (c 1702-1772) Official First Day Cover Cachet: OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER Halley’s […]

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1985 Bicentenary of the birth of JJ Audobon FDC

1985 Bicentenary of the Birth of JJ Audubon

Commemorating the birth of J.J. Audobon Date: 28th March 1985 Stamps: Bicentenary of the birth of J.J.Audubon 1785-1985 12c Osprey Pandion haliaetus; 30c Great Egret Egretta alba; 40c Yellow-crowned Night Heron Nyctanassa violacea; $1.50 Bluebird Sialia sialis Official First Day Cover Cachet: BICENTENARY OF THE BIRTH OF J.J.AUDOBON 1785-1985 BERMUDA 28 MARCH 1985 OFFICIAL FIRST […]

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1984 375th Anniversary of Bermuda FDC

1984 375th Anniversary of Bermuda 1609-1984

Commemorating the 375th anniversary of Bermuda 1609-1984 Date: 3rd May 1984 Stamps: 375th Anniversary of Bermuda 1609-1984 – 12c Sir Thomas Gates and Sir George Somers; 30c Jamestown Virginia; 40c Wreck of the Sea Venture; $1 Fleet leaving Plymouth England. Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 03.MAY84A HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: 375th Anniversary of Bermuda 1609-1984. […]

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