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1994 75th Anniversary of Furness Bermuda Line FDC

2004 50th Anniversary of the Bermuda Orchid Society

50 years of studying orchids Date: 18th November 2004 Stamps: 35c Oncidium ampliatum var. majus; 45c Encyclia fragrans; 85c Phalaenopsis Pine Hill; $1.10 Paphiopedilum leeanum Official First Day Cover Cachet: Phalaenopsis Sweet Revenge image / 50th Anniversary of the Bermuda Orchid Society / Bermuda Commemorative Issue & Official First Day Cover / Release Date: 18 […]

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1992 7th World Congress of Kennel Clubs

A dog themed commemorative set Date: 12th November 1992 Stamps: 25c German Shepherd; 35c Irish Setter; 60c Whippet; 75c Border Terrier; 85c Pomeranian; $1 Schipperke Official First Day Cover Cachet: 7th World Congress of Kennel Clubs / 12 November 1992 / OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER CDS: HAMILTON BERMUDA 12NOV92A Address: Mr. Peter Komposch, General Manager, […]

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Operation Torch HMS Bermuda CC

Operation Torch HMS Bermuda

History of the Royal Navy Series Postmark: History of the Royal Navy Series -8 NOV 1990 PLYMOUTH DEVON Signed: Rear Admiral R. Llewellyn CB Stamp: Great Britain 22p Machin series stamp Operation Torch North African Landing – The Assault on Algiers 8th November 1942 HMS Bermuda French resistance stiffened during the forenoon of the 8th […]

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1989 Commonwealth Postal Conference FDC

1989 Commonwealth Postal Conference

Commemorating the Commonwealth Postal Conference Date: 3rd November 1989 Stamps: 18c One Penny; 50c Two Pence; 60c Six Pence and $2 One Shilling Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: HAMILTON 03.NOV89A Cachet: Official First Day Cover. Commonwealth Postal Conference 1989. Release Date 3rd. November, 1989 Address: Postmaster General Bermuda BERMUDA COMMONWEALTH POSTAL CONFERENCE 1989 Bermuda […]

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1985 Halley's Comet 1985/6 FDC

1985 Halley’s Comet 1985/6

Commemorating Halley’s Comet Date: 21st November 1985 Stamps: BERMUDA 15c Halley’s Comet, 1985/6 Bermuda Archipelago; 40c Halley’s Comet, A.D.684 As recorded Nuremberg Chronicles 1493; 50c Halley’s Comet, 1531 From Peter Apian woodcut 1532; $1.50 Halley’s Comet, 1759 Detail from painting by Samuel Scott (c 1702-1772) Official First Day Cover Cachet: OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER Halley’s […]

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1982 Bermuda Historic Forts FDC

1982 Bermuda Historic Forts

Bermuda’s historic forts commemoratives Date: 18th November 1982 Stamps: 10c Charles forte; 25c Pembroks forte; 30c Southampton forte and $1 Smiths forte and Pagets forte Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 18NOV82B PEROT POST OFFICE BERMUDA Cachet: BERMUDA Historic Forts. Official First Day Cover. November 18th 1982 Reverse – Bermuda map with magnifying glass (reverse) […]

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UPU International Reply Coupon

International Reply Coupon from the Universal Postal Union An international Reply Coupon (IRC) is a coupon that can be exchanged for one or more postage stamps representing the minimum postage for an unregistered priority airmail letter of up to twenty grams sent to another Universal Postal Union (UPU) member country. IRCs are accepted by all […]

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1979 Bermuda Police Service Centenary FDC

1979 Bermuda Police Service Centenary

One hundred years of the Bermuda Police Type: Official First Day Cover Date: 26th November 1979 Cachet: BERMUDA POLICE SERVICE CENTENARY / OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER / Release date: 26th November 1979 Stamps: POLICE CENTENARY 1879-1979 8c male and female police officers; 20c police office in Birdcage; 25c Police launch “Blue Heron” and 50c Police […]

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1978 Bermuda Wildlife Definitives Pt 1 FDC

1978 Bermuda Wildlife Definitive Part I

New definitive wildlife issue Date: 15th November 1978 Stamps: 3c White-Tailed Tropicbird Phaethon lepturus; 4c White-Eyed Vireo Vireo Griseus bermudianus; 5c Eastern Bluebird Sialia sialus; 8c Cardinal (Redbird) Cardinalis cardinalis and $5 Bermuda Petrel (Cahow) Pterodroma cahow Type: Official First Day Cover Cachet: BERMUDA WILDLIFE DEFINITIVE PART I. offical first day cover /release date: 15.11.78 […]

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