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1976 Tall Ships Race FDC

1976 Tall Ships International Sail Training Races

Commemorating the Tall Ships Race 1st Race Plymouth-Tenerife 1,450 miles. 2nd Race Tenerife-Bermuda 2,530 miles. 3rd Race Bermuda-Newport 635 miles. Parade Newport-New York. Date: 15th June 1976 Handstamped Cachet: FIRST DAY OF ISSUE “TALL SHIPS RACE” 15th JUNE, 1976 Stamps: 5c Christian Radich Norway (cadet ship); 12c Juan Sebastian de Elcano Spain (cadet schooner); 17c […]

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1973 Eastern Airlines Orlando Bermuda First Flight

1973 Eastern Inaugural Flight USA to Bermuda

Inaugural flight by Eastern Air Lines Date: 1st May 1973 Orlando to Bermuda Type: First Flight Cover CDS: AM MAY 1 1973 ORLANDO FLA. Backsamp:  -1MAY73 HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: INAUGURAL FLIGHT ORLANDO BERMUDA EASTERN Address: Tom Bosley, 8245 N. 27th Ave., A-41, Phoenix Arizona 85021 Stamp: 17c US Air Mail Liberty Atlanta to Bermuda Type: […]

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1968 Bermuda New Constitution FDC

1968 Bermuda New Constitution

Commemorating 1968 New Constitution Date: 1st July 1968 Cachet: BERMUDA NEW CONSTITUTION FIRST DAY COVER, JULY 1st, 1968 Stamps: 3d and 1/- Mace, 1/6 and 2/6 Two Parliaments Official First Day Covers Cachet: 1968 Constitution Bermuda Official First Day Cover CDS: -1JUL68 HAMILTON BERMUDA Address: Crown Agents Stamp Bureau, 4 Millbank, London SW1 CDS: -1JUL68 […]

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