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1985 Halley's Comet 1985/6 FDC

1985 Halley’s Comet 1985/6

Commemorating Halley’s Comet Date: 21st November 1985 Stamps: BERMUDA 15c Halley’s Comet, 1985/6 Bermuda Archipelago; 40c Halley’s Comet, A.D.684 As recorded Nuremberg Chronicles 1493; 50c Halley’s Comet, 1531 From Peter Apian woodcut 1532; $1.50 Halley’s Comet, 1759 Detail from painting by Samuel Scott (c 1702-1772) Official First Day Cover Cachet: OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER Halley’s […]

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1984 Olympic Games FDC

1984 XXIII Olympic Games Los Angeles USA

Commemorating the Olympic Games of 1984 Date: 19th July 1984 Stamps: 12c Swimming; 30c Track & Field Events; 40c Equestrian and $1 Sailing Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 19.JUL84A HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: BERMUDA Olympic Games 1984. Official First Day Cover. Release Date: 19 July 1984. Address: Postmaster General Bermuda THE BERMUDA OLYMPIC ASSOCIATION OLYMPIC […]

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1984 375th Anniversary of Bermuda FDC

1984 375th Anniversary of Bermuda 1609-1984

Commemorating the 375th anniversary of Bermuda 1609-1984 Date: 3rd May 1984 Stamps: 375th Anniversary of Bermuda 1609-1984 – 12c Sir Thomas Gates and Sir George Somers; 30c Jamestown Virginia; 40c Wreck of the Sea Venture; $1 Fleet leaving Plymouth England. Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 03.MAY84A HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: 375th Anniversary of Bermuda 1609-1984. […]

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1983 200th Anniversary of Manned Flight FDC

1983 200th Anniversary of Manned Flight

Commemorating the anniversary of the Montgolfiers 1783-1983 Date: 13th October 1983 Stamps: 12c First Flight over Bermuda – Curtis Jenny 1919, 30c First completed flight between U.S. & Bermuda – Stinson ‘Pilot Radio’ 1930, 40c First Scheduled Passenger Flight ‘Cavalier’ Short Empire Flying Boat 1937 featuring Bermuda Airport Imperial Airways and $1 ‘USS Los Angeles’ […]

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1980 Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting FDC

1980 Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting

Commemorating the Finance Ministers Meeting Date: 24th September 1980 Stamps: 8c Bermuda via satellite; 20c Camden; 25c Princess Hotel, Hamilton and 50c Government House Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: MANGROVE BAY 24SEP80 BERMUDA Cachet: Commonwealth Finance Ministers Meeting 1980. Bermuda. Official First Day Cover. Release date: 24th September 1980 Address: Postmaster Mangrove P.O. Reverse: […]

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1978 25th Anniversary of the Coronation PPO FDC

1978 25th Anniversary of Coronation

Commemorating 25th Anniversary of Coronation H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Commemorating the Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the Coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 1953-1978 Bermuda First Day of Issue Date: 28th August 1978 Stamps: 8c Great Seal – Queen Elizabeth I; 50c Great Seal – Queen Elizabeth II; and $1 H.M Queen Elizabeth II Official […]

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1975 200th Anniversary Gunpowder Plot FDC

1975 200th Anniversary of Gunpowder Plot 1775

Commemorating the Gunpowder Plot at St. George’s Date: 27th October 1975 Cachet: Printed – 200th ANNIVERSARY of GUNPOWDER PLOT at St. GEORGES 1775. AMERICAN WAR OF INDEPENDENCE. BERMUDA OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER. Stamped – First Day of Issue “200th Anniversary of Gunpowder Plot” 27th October, 1975 Stamps: 5c; 17c; 20c and 25c various scenes. Type: […]

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