Miniature Sheets

Bermuda miniature or souvenir sheets

1975 50th Anniversary Air Mail MSA miniature sheet or souvenir sheet is a small group of commemorative postage stamps still attached to the sheet on which they were printed.

The stamps are perforated in the usual way with the selvedge (selvage / margins) of the sheet usually having additional printing, ranging from a simple statement of the occasion being commemorated, up to a full picture of which the stamp(s) are just a small part. The selvedge of the sheet may have ornamental designs, price, emblems and logo(s) which are not the part of stamp(s). Stamps on the miniature sheet can be in se-tenant position – printed from the same plate and sheet and adjoin one another, unsevered in a strip or block – while the same stamps were not se-tenants in regular issue.

The stamps and the entire sheet are valid for mailing and there are plenty of Bermuda First Day covers featuring miniature sheets / souvenir sheets. Many collectors keep them in mint collection.

2011 Lifetime of Service Miniature Sheet FDC

Bermuda miniature sheets /  souvenir sheets

1970 – 350th Anniversary of Parliament 1620-1970
1975 – 50th Anniversary Air Mail Service to Bermuda
1975 – 200th Anniversary of Gunpowder Plot at St. Georges 1775
1984 – 375th Anniversary of Bermuda 1609-1984
1985 – Life and Times of HM Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother
1986 – AMERIPEX ’86 International Philatelic Exhibition
1997 – Golden Wedding Anniversary Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip
1998 – Diana, Princess of Wales Commemoration
1999 – 30th Anniversary of the First Manned Moon Landing
2000 – Royal Family Birthdays
2002 – Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee
2002 – Cricket Cup
2002 – Queen Mother Memorial
2003 – 50th Anniversary of the Coronation
2005 – 500th Anniversary of the Discovery of Bermuda
2006 – Queen Elizabeth II 80th Birthday
2006 – Washington 2006 World Philatelic Exhibition
2007 – Centenary of World Scouting
2009 – Man on the Moon 40th Anniversary
2010 – Girl Guides Centenary
2011 – Queen Elizabeth II Lifetime of Service
2012 – Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Lifetime of Service
2013 – 60th Coronation Anniversary

2007 Centenary of World Scouting Souvenir Sheet

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