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1993 Old Garden Roses Part 4 Pane of 10

1993 Old Garden Roses Part 4

Fourth series Date: 1st April 1993 Stamps: Bermuda all Duchesse de Brabant with different backgrounds 10c green, 25c lilac, 50c grey and 60c pink. Type SB6 Stamp Booklet Stamps: BERMUDA Old Garden Roses 5x25c, 5x60c DUCHESSE DE BRABANT Reverse: If you would like the Bureau to notify you of our stamp issues, please complete this […]

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1989 Old Garden Roses FDC

1989 Old Garden Roses Part 2

Second issue of the Old Garden Roses issue Date: 13th July 1989 Stamps: Bermuda OLD GARDEN ROSES  18c Aggrippina; 30c Smith’s Parish; 50c Champney’s Pink Cluster; 60c Rosette Delizy; $1.50 Rosa bracteata. First Day Cover Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 13.JUL 89A HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: Old Garden Roses Part 2, Bermuda OFFICIAL FIRST DAY […]

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1988 Old Garden Roses Part 1 FDC

1988 Old Garden Roses Part 1

Commemorating the old garden roses of Bermuda Date: 21st April 1988 Stamps: Bermuda Old Garden Roses 15c Old Blush; 30c Anna Olivier; 40c Rosa chinensis semperflorens; 50c Archduke Charles; $1.50 Rosa chinensis viridiflora Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 21.APR88A HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: OLD GARDEN ROSES PART 1 Bermuda OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER Release Date […]

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1979 Bermupex CC

1979 Bermupex 79

Bermuda Philatelic Society A series of stamp shows held in Bermuda from 1974 to 1980. Date: 17th February 1979 Type: Commemorative Cover CDS: BERMUPEX 79 17.2.79 HOLIDAY INN BERMUDA Stamp: 20c Coralita definitive. Holiday Inn Bermuda The Holiday Inn Hotel opened in 1973 in St George’s on a hill top close to the St. Catherine’s […]

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1970 Bermuda Flower Issue Set FDC

1970 Bermuda Flower Issue Definitives

Flowers definitive issues first day cover Date: 6th July 1970 Cachet: FIRST DAY BERMUDA FLOWER ISSUE JULY 6th, 1970 Stamps: 1c Spathiphyllium; 2c Bottlebrush; 3c Oleanda; 4c Bermudiana; 5c Poinsettia; 6c Hibiscus; 9c Cereus; 10c Bougainvillea; 12c Jacaranda; 15c Passion Flower; 18c Coralita; 24c Morning Glory; 30c Tecoma; 36c Angel’s Trumpet; 60c Plumbago; $1.20 Bird […]

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1953 Big Three Bermuda Conference Commemorative Cover

1953 Big Three Bermuda Conference

United States, Great Britain and France Date: 4th December 1953 Type: Commemorative Cover CDS: -4DEC53B ST.GEORGES BERMUDA Cachet: BIG THREE BERMUDA CONFERENCE UNITED STATES GREAT BRITAIN FRANCE featuring Easter Lillies, three emblems and three flags. Address: Dr T.J. Mitchell, 41 Kelly Street, Greenock, Scotland Stamps: Queen Elizabeth 1½d definitive with Bermuda Easter Lily Type: Commemorative […]

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1947 Colonial Airlines Inaugural Flight Washington DC FF

1947 FAM 33 Colonial Airlines New York Washington DC Bermuda

First Flight of FAM 33 Hamilton–New York–Washington by Colonial Airlines. Cachet: Purple – WASHINGTON – NEW YORK – COLONIAL AIRLINES INAUGUAL FLIGHT AUGUST 1st 1947 Date: August 1st 1947 Return flight westbound Bermuda to Washington DC CDS: -1AUG47A HAMILTON BERMUDA Address: Mr. Sigmund Janas, President, Colonial Airlines, Inc., 223 Shoreham Building, Washington, D. C. Envelope: […]

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