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1989 Commonwealth Postal Conference FDC

1989 Commonwealth Postal Conference

Commemorating the Commonwealth Postal Conference Date: 3rd November 1989 Stamps: 18c One Penny; 50c Two Pence; 60c Six Pence and $2 One Shilling Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: HAMILTON 03.NOV89A Cachet: Official First Day Cover. Commonwealth Postal Conference 1989. Release Date 3rd. November, 1989 Address: Postmaster General Bermuda BERMUDA COMMONWEALTH POSTAL CONFERENCE 1989 Bermuda […]

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1989 150th Anniversary of the Bermuda Library FDC

1989 150th Anniversary of the Bermuda Library

Commemorating the national library Date: 5th October 1989 Stamps: Bermuda 18c Main Library, Hamilton; 50c The Old Rectory, St. George’s; 60c Springfield, Somerset Library; $2.00 Cabinet Building. Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 05.OCT 89A HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: 150th ANNIVERSARY OF THE BERMUDA LIBRARY / OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER RELEASE DATE: 5 OCT 1989 Liner […]

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1989 Transport Ferry Service Pt III FDC

1989 Bermuda Transport Part III – Ferry Service

Commemorating Bermuda’s ferries Date: 16th February 1989 Stamps: 18c The Corona; 50c Rowboat Ferry; 60c The St. George’s Ferry and $2 The Laconia Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: HAMILTON BERMUDA 16.FEB89A Cachet: Bermuda Transport – Part III. Ferry Service. Official First Day Cover. Release Date: 16 Feb. 1989 Address: Postmaster Genral Bermuda BERMUDA TRANSPORT […]

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1988 Military Uniforms FDC

1988 Military Uniforms of Bermuda

Commemorating Bermuda’s armed forces Date: 10th November 1988 Stamps: 18c Devonshire Parish Militia 1812; 50c 71st Regiment Highlander 1831-1834; 60c Cameron Highlander 1942; $2 Troop of Horse 1774 Official First Day Cover Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 10.NOV88A HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: MILITARY UNIFORMS BERMUDA OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER Release Date: 10 Nov 1988 Address: […]

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1988 Lloyd's of London Tercentenary FDC

1988 Lloyd’s of London Tercentenary

Commemorating 300 years of Lloyd’s of London Date: 13th October 1988 Stamps: 18c Loss of HMS Lutine, 1799; 50c Cable Ship ‘Sentinel’; 60c ‘Bermuda’ – caught fire, Hamilton 1931 and $2 ‘Valerian’ lost during hurricane 1926 Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: HAMILTON 13.OCT88A Cachet: Lloyd’s Historic Silver Collection. Lloyd’s of London Tercentenary 1688-1988. Silver […]

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1986 Bermuda Shipwrecks Part II FDC

1986 Bermuda Shipwrecks Part II

Second issue of the shipwreck definitves Date: 16th January 1986 Stamps: 7c Madiana Wrecked 1903; 20c San Pedro Wrecked 1594; 60c Mary Celestia Wrecked 1864; $1.50 Caesar Wrecked 1818; $2 Lord Amhurst Wrecked 1778; $3 Minerva Wrecked 1849. Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 20.MAR86B HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: Bermuda Shipwrecks PART 2. OFFICIAL FIRST DAY […]

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1980 London 1980 FDC

1980 London 1980

Official First Day Cover London 1980 Date: 6th May 1980 Stamps: 25c British Airways Tristar-500 – Approaching Bermuda from West 1980; 50c SS “Orduna” Grassy Bay 1926; $1 “Delta” St. George’s Harbour 1856 and $2 “Lord Sidmouth” Old Ship Channel St. George’s 1818 Type: Offical First Day Cover / Presentation Cover CDS: -6MAY80B HAMILTON BERMUDA […]

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1979 Bermuda Wildlife Definitive Pt III

1979 Bermuda Wildlife Definitive Part III

More definitives for the popular wildlife issue Date: 12th March 1979 Stamps: 20c Foureye Butterflyfish Chaetodon capistratus; 25c Red Hind Epinephelus guttatus; 50c Banded Butterfly Fish Chaetodon striatus; 40c Rock Beauty Holacanthus tricolor; $1 Blue Angel Fish Holacanthus bermudensis; and $2 Humpback Whale Megaptera novaeangliae Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: 12MAR79 MANGROVE BAY BERMUDA The […]

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1975 Revalued Bermuda Flowers definitives Mangrove Bay FDC

1975 Revalued 1970 Flower Definitive Set

Revalued flower definitives Date: 2nd June 1975 Cachet: FIRST DAY ISSUE OF 7 REVALUED STAMPS 1970 “FLOWER” DEFINITIVE SET 2nd JUNE, 1975 Stamps: 17c Passion Flower; 20c Coralita; 25c Morning Glory; 40c Angel’s Trumpet; $1.00 Plumbago; $2.00 Bird of Paradise Flower and $3.00 Chalice Cup. First Day Covers CDS: -2JUN75 MANGROVE BAY BERMUDA Address: Cambridge […]

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