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1983 BA Concorde Orlando to Bermuda First Flight

1983 British Airways Concorde First Flight Orlando to Bermuda

Concorde first flight from Orlando to Bermuda Date: 14th October 1983 Type: Signed Official British Airways Cover CDS: OCT 14 1983 ORLANDO, FL 328 Backstamp: 14.OCT83A HAMILTON BERMUDA / CERTIFIED FLOWN R. M. WHITCHURCH-BENNETT BRITISH AIRWAYS and signed Printed Cachet: British airways Concorde BRITISH AIRWAYS CONCORDE FIRST FLIGHT ORLANDO – BERMUDA OFFICIAL BRITISH AIRWAYS COVER […]

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1976 Tall Ships Race FDC

1976 Tall Ships International Sail Training Races

Commemorating the Tall Ships Race 1st Race Plymouth-Tenerife 1,450 miles. 2nd Race Tenerife-Bermuda 2,530 miles. 3rd Race Bermuda-Newport 635 miles. Parade Newport-New York. Date: 15th June 1976 Handstamped Cachet: FIRST DAY OF ISSUE “TALL SHIPS RACE” 15th JUNE, 1976 Stamps: 5c Christian Radich Norway (cadet ship); 12c Juan Sebastian de Elcano Spain (cadet schooner); 17c […]

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1965 Fifty Years of Scouting 2/- FDC

1965 50th Anniversary of Scouting in Bermuda

Commemorating 50th Anniversary of Scouting in Bermuda 1915-65 Date: 24th July 1965 Cachet: FIRST DAY COVER 24th July, 1965 COMMEMORATING 50th ANNIVERSARY BOY SCOUTING IN BERMUDA. Stamp: ISLANDS OF BERMUDA 2/- 1915-1965 Fifty Years of Scouting Official First Day Cover Cachet: BE PREPARED 1915-1965 50th ANNIVERSARY OF SCOUTING IN BERMUDA OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER CDS: […]

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1958 9d definitive Bermuda News Bureau FDC

1958 9d denomination of Queen Elizabeth II issue

New 9d denomination Date: 6th January 1958 Cachet: “FIRST DAY ISSUE 9d DENOMINATION OF QUEEN ELIZABETH II ISSUE 6th JANUARY, 1958” Stamp: QEII 9d definitive Sea Venture, Pinnace Deliverance, Easter Lillies, Hog Penny, Perot Provisional Stamp Type: First Day Cover CDS: -6JAN58B HAMILTON BERMUDA Address: F. E. Merrill, Stamp Editor, GREELEY TRIBUNE & REPUBLICAN, Greeley, […]

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1957 20th Anniversry of the First Passenger Flights OHMS CC

1957 20th Anniversary of the First Passenger Flights Bermuda and USA

Commemorating the Anniversary of First Passenger Flights between Bermuda and the USA Cachet: 20th Anniversary of the First Passenger Flights between Bermuda and The United States 1937 – 1957. Imperial Airways (B.O.A.C.) June 16th, 1937 and Pan American Airways June 17th, 1937 Type: OHMS Commemorative Cover CDS: 17JUN57B HAMILTON BERMUDA Envelope: ON HER MAJESTY’S SERVICE […]

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1951 Ocean Monarch Paquebot Cover

Ocean Monarch Paquebot Cover

Posted on the High Seas Type: Paquetbot Cover Date: 14th May 1951B CDS: 21MAY52B PAQUETBOT BERMUDA Cachet: OCEAN MONARCH POSTED ON THE HIGH SEAS and FURNESS BERMUDA LINE Address: Gustav J. Lund, 3861 Alhambra Way, Martinez, Calif., U.S.A. Stamp: Great Britain ½d POSTAGE REVENUE

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1949 Universal Postal Union FDC

1949 Universal Postal Union 75th Anniversary Omnibus

Commemorating the 75th anniversray of the UPU Date: 10th October 1949 Cachet Purple and Red: COMMEMORATIVE ISSUE 75th ANNIVERSARY OF THE UNIVERSAL POSTAL UNION FIRST DAY COVER 10th OCTOBER, 1949 Stamps: 2½d Universal Postal Union 1874-1949 Hermes, Globe and forms of transport; 3d Universal Postal Union 1874-1949 Hemispheres, Jet-powered Vickers and Steamer; 6d Universal Postal Union […]

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