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1990 Bermuda Paintings Part II FDC

1990 Bermuda Paintings Part II

Paintings inspired in Bermuda Date: 19th April 1990 Stamps: BERMUDA PAINTINGS 18c Fairylands, Bermuda, c 1890 Ross Sterling Turner; 50c Shinebone Alley, c. 1953 Ogden M. Pleissner; 60c Salt Kettle, 1916 Prosper Senate and $2 St. George’s, 1934 Jack Bush Type: Official First Day Cover CDS: HAMILTON 19.APR90A BERMUDA Cachet: BERMUDA PAINTINGS PART II BERMUDA […]

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1987 Painting of Winslow Homer FDC

1987 Winslow Homer Bermudian Watercolours

Paintings of Winslow Homer (1836-1910) Date: 30th April 1987 Type: Official First Day Cover Cachet: BERMUDA Painting by Winslow Homer OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER Release date: 30 April 1987 Stamps: Bermuda Winslow Homer 15c ‘Bermuda Settlers‘ – 1901; 30c ‘Bermuda‘ – 1900; 40c ‘Bermuda Landscape‘ – 1901; 50c ‘Inland Water‘ Bermuda – 1901; $1.50 ‘Salt […]

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