1989 Old Garden Roses Outer BookletBermuda stamp booklets

Bermuda’s stamps booklets first appeared in 1948. Bermuda’s postage stamp booklets are made up of one or more small panes of postage stamps in a card cover. Some of the stamp booklets are made from sheets specially printed for this purpose, with a narrow selvage at one side of the booklet pane for binding. From the cutting, the panes are imperforate on the edges of the booklet.

Bermuda stamp booklets

1948 – SB1 5/- pink 6 x 1d; 1½d;, 2d, 2½d and 3d in blocks of 6
1948 – SB2 10/6d light blue 3 x 3d and 18 x 6d in blocks of 6 with 12 x Air Mail labels
1987 – SB3 $4.00 pane of 10 x 40c. Winslow Homer Paintings
1989 – SB4 $5.00 pane of 10 x 50c. Old Garden Roses
1993 – SB5 Booklet $2.95 10c and 25c Map of Bermuda cover. Old Garden Roses
1993 – SB6 Booklet $4.25 25c and 60c Map of Bermuda cover. Old Garden Roses

1993 Old Garden Roses Booklet Cover SB6
1996 – SB7 Booklet $6.00 60c Panorama Paintings of Hamilton and St. George’s
2008 – SB8 Booklet $3.50 Bermuda Scenes. Cover Deep Bay, West Pembroke
2008 – SB9 Booklet $7.00 Bermuda Scenes. Cover Spanish Point Park
2008 – SB10 Booklet $8.50 Bermuda Scenes. Cover Flatts Inlet
2008 – SB11 Booklet $9.50 Bermuda Scenes. Cover Tucker’s Town Bay

1987 Winslow Homer Bermudian Watercolours Inside Booklet

Bermuda Stamps