2008 Beijing Olympic Games

Commemorating Beijing 2008

Date: 23rd July 2008
Stamps: Bermuda 10c Sprinting; 35c Swimming; 70c Equestrian and 85c Sailing

Official First Day Cover

2008 Beijing Olympics FDC

Type: Official First Day Cover
Cachet: BERMUDA POST OFFICE Official First Day Cover Beijing 2008 Release Date: 23 July, 2008
Address: Postmaster General Bermuda

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23 JULY 2008

Bermuda’s Olympic participation dates back to 1936 when a six-member swimming team travelled to Berlin under the management of Mr. W.E (Chummy) Hayward, a founding member in 1935 of the Bermuda Olympic Association.

Between 1936 and 2004 a total of 107 athletes have represented Bermuda. sometimes more than once, at 15 editions of the Olympic Summer Games:

1936 – Percy Belvin, Edmund Cooper, Forster Cooper, Leonard Spence, Dudley Spurling and John Young.

1948 – Phyllis Edness, Phyllis Lightbourn (Jones), Hazzard Dill, Perry Johnson, Stanley Lines, ‘Frank’ Francis Mahoney, ‘Frank’ Francis Gosling, Walter Bardgett, Robert Cook, Derek Oatway, Donald Shanks, Phillip Tribley.

1952 – Phyllis (Lightbourn) Jones, Thelma Jones, ‘Frank’ Francis Gosling, Charles ‘Mickey’ Johnson, Walter Bardgett, Robert Cook.

1956 – Howard ‘Brownlow’ Eve, James Kempe, James ‘Bernard’ Ward.

1960 – Albert Darrell, Richard Divoll, Howard ‘Brownlow’ Eve, William ‘Brownlow’ Gray, Norman Jones, Walter Jones, James Kempe, Richard Masters, John ‘DeForest’ Trimingham.

1964 – Edmund ‘Kirk’ Cooper, Jay Hooper, Eugene ‘Penny’ Simmons, Conrad Soares.

1968 – Anthony Harper, Jeff Payne, Edmund ‘Kirk’ Cooper, Eugene ‘Penny’ Simmons, Richard Belvin, Jay Hooper.

1972 – Roy Johnson, James ‘Jim’ Butterfield, James Amos, Richard Belvin, Alexander ‘Alex’ Cooper, Edmund ‘Kirk’ Cooper, Paul Hiles, Eugene ‘Penny’ Simmons, Beverly ‘Jordy’ Walker.

1976 – Calvin Dill, Clark Godwin, Deborah Jones, Michael ‘Mike’ Sharpe, Gregory Simons, Raymond Swan, Renelda Swan, Dennis Trott, Robert Burgess, Clarence Hill, Richard Belvin, Gordon Flood, Howard Lee, Lawrence ‘Larry’ Lindo, Raymond Pitman, Eugene ‘Penny’ Simmons.

1984 – Clarance ‘Nicky’ Saunders, Gregory Simons, Sonia Smith, William ‘Bill’ Trott, John ‘Buddy’ Ford, Earl Godfrey, Clyde Wilson, Peter Gray, Victor Ruberry, Alan Burland, Chrislopher Nash, Hubert ‘Hugh’ Watlington.

1988 – Stephen Alger, William ‘Bill’ Trott, Troy Douglas, Clarance ‘Nicky’ Saunders, Brian Wellman, Michael ‘Mike’ Watson, Victor Ruberry, Peter Gray, Carol Blackman, Glenn Astwood, Edward ‘Eddie’ Bardgett, Quinn Paynter.

1992 – Clarance ‘Nicky’ Saunders, Brian Wellman, Troy Douglas, Dawnette Douglas, Suzanne Dunkley, Nicola DeSousa, Mary Jane Tumbridge, Christopher ‘Chris’ Flook, Jennifer ‘Jenny’ Smatt, Michael ‘Mike’ Cash, Ian Raynor, Geri Mewett, Craig Morbey, Peter Bromby, Paut Fisher, Reid Kempe, Jay Kempe, Blythe Walker, Raymond ‘Ray’ De Silva, Paula Lewin.

1996 – Devon Bean, Troy Douglas, Brian Wellman, Eltiott Hubbard, Suzanne Dunkley, Mary Jane Tumbridge, Peter Bromby, Lee White, Pauta Lewin, Malcolm Smith.

2000 – Brian Wellman, Mary Jane Tumbridge, Peter Bromby, Lee White, Sarah Wright, Stephen Fahy.

2004 – Keira Aitken, Tyler Butterfield, Paula Lewin, Peta Lewin, Lee White, Peter Bromby, Christine Patton, Tim Collins, Katura Horton-Perinchief, Xavier James

Bermuda’s core sports for the Games are sailing, athletics, swimming and equestrian. These four sports have produced the majority of Bermuda’s Olympians with athletes from salting taking part in twelve editions of the Olympic Games, from athletics in ten, from swimming in eight and from equestrian in six.

In 1976 Clarence Hill made history when he won a bronze medal in boxing, the first Olympic medal ever to be won by a Bermudan athlete. Hill’s Olympic medal stands as a testament to the natural ability of a determined young man and has guaranteed him a place in Bermuda’s Hall of Fame.

Sailing has also had its share of glory. The team of Peter Bromby and Lee White finished fourth in 2000. Edmund ‘Kirk’ Cooper, Eugene ‘Penny’ Simmons and Conrad Soares were fifth in 1964. The most heartbreaking performance was in1984 when Alan Burland and Chris Nash were leading the last race in the Tornado multi-hull class by 10 boat lengths at the first mark, when a piece of seaweed became stuck in the rudder and by the time they removed it, their hopes of a medal were gone.

In both 1992 and 1996, triple jumper Brian Wellman achieved a top six finish. Wellman was a model of consistency with a fifth place performance in 1992 and a sixth in 1996.

In 1988, high jumper Clarance ‘Nicky’ Saunders also achieved a top six finish.

Brian Wellman, Eugene ‘Penny’ Simmons and Peter Bromby share the distinction of most appearances by a Bermuda athlete at the Olympic Games, each having participated in four editions of the Games.

The team for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad – Beijing 2008 is expected to add another iUustrious chapter to Bermuda’s Olympic history.


Thanks to Don Burgess and the Stamp Design Advisory Committee for the liner text.


Design and Layout: Sheila Semos
Printer: The Lowe-Martin Group
Process: Lithography
Stamp Size: 40mm x 32mm
Perforation: 12 per 2cms
Pane: 50 (2×25)
Paper: CA Spiral Watermarked
Values: 10c, 35c, 70c and 85c
Release Date: 23 July, 2008

Unofficial First Day Covers

2008 Beijing Olympics FDC

Type: IOC Official Cover
Cachet: BERMUDA BERMUDES Beijing 2008 TM© Enveloppe Officiell C.I.O. IOC Official Cover
Stamp: Bermuda 10c Sprinting

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