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Some books of interest for stamp collectors. Also see Bermuda Catalogues.

Bermuda Post Office Bicentennial 1812-2012Bermuda Post Office Bicentennial 1812-2012

Bermuda Post Office Bicentennial 1812-2012 is a special title produced on behalf of the Bermuda Government Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, to commemorate the Bermuda Post Office’s 200th anniversary.

This special commemorative publication – which formed an integral part of the bicentennial celebrations – tells the story of the Postal Service in Bermuda and its overseas connections, from the first unofficial beginnings in the 1780s, to the official establishment of the Bermuda Post Office and its role in Bermuda’s history.

Blue Mauritius: The Hunt for the World's Most Valuable StampsBlue Mauritius: The Hunt for the World’s Most Valuable Stamps

Follow the adventures of the world’s most sought-after postage stamps – from a tropical Indian Ocean island to the hushed atmosphere of the modern auction room – in this dramatic and passionate tale of the first stamp hunters. In September 1847 coloured squares of paper were stuck to envelopes and used to send out admission cards to a fancy-dress ball on the tropical island of Mauritius. No-one at the party would have guessed that the envelopes bearing these stamps would one day be worth more than a million dollars.

When a two pence ‘Blue Mauritius’ surfaced on the fledgling French stamp-collecting market in 1865 it gained instant celebrity. Then in 1903, when a perfect specimen, discovered in a childhood album, was bought at auction by the Prince of Wales, the Blue Mauritius gained super-star status. Even now, the stamps of ‘Post Office Mauritius’ remain synonymous with fame, wealth and mystery. Helen Morgan tells the fascinating story of the most coveted scraps of paper in existence, from Amuritius’ Port Louis to Bordeaux, India and Great Britain, Switzerland and Japan, into the fantasies and imagination of stamp collectors everywhere.

Rarest Stamps of the World

Rarest Stamps of the World

A guide to some of the Rarest Stamps. Features the Perot Provisional.

1956 Bermuda The Handstruck Stamps and Cancellations Ludington

Bermuda: The Handstruck Stamps and Cancellations

by Morris Hoadley Ludington (1956)

Unknown: 40 pages
Robson Lowe, 1956. London, 45 pp.

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1973 Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps Lowe

Encyclopaedia of British Empire Postage Stamps, 1639-1952: Part 5 Bermuda and British Honduras

by Robson Lowe (Dec 1973)
Chapters on Bermuda’s and British Honduras’ geography and history; postal history; censor handstamps; airmail; postal rates; handstamps; forwarding agents; censor handstamps; adhesive stamps; postal stationery and bibliography.

Unknown: 126 pages
Illustrated in B&W
Size: 5½” x 8½”

1978 Postal Histroy of Bermuda Ludington

The Postal History and Stamps of Bermuda

by Morris Hoadley Ludington (1978)

1985 King George VI Large Key Type Stamps of Bermuda Leeward Islands Nyasaland

King George VI Large Key Type Stamps of Bermuda Leeward Islands Nyasaland

by R.W. Dickgiesser and E. Yendall (Dec 1985)

1955 Bermuda Ship Type

Bermuda: the 1910-36 ‘Ship’ type stamps

by M. H Ludington (1955)
Paperback: 35 pages
Publisher: Junior Philatelic Society (1955)

1962 Bermuda: The Post Office, postal markings and adhesive stamps

Bermuda: The Post Office, postal markings and adhesive stamps

by Morris Hoadley Ludington (1962)

The King George V high-value stamps of Bermuda, 1917-1938

by Myles Glazer (1994)

The Postage Stamps of Bermuda: With chapters on the postal stationery

by Henry Robert Holmes (1932)

1980 Bermuda King George High Value Dickglesser

Bermuda King George VI high values: A guide to the flaws and printings

by Robert W Dickgiesser (1980)
A guide to the plate flaws of the head and frame and the papers, perforations, watermarks, inks, gum and much more as it relates to these issues.

Hardback: 59 pages
Illustrated in B&W
Size: 8½” x 11½”

1971 The Royal Mail Steam packets to Bermuda and the Bahamas 1842-1859

The Royal Mail Steam Packets to Bermuda and the Bahamas 1842-1859

by Morris Hoadley Ludington and Geoffrey A. Osborn (1971)
+ 7 loose maps.

Unknown: 26 pp.
Publisher: Robson Lowe, London

1996 Postal History of Blockade Running Through Bermuda 1861-1865

Postal History of Blockade Running Through Bermuda, 1861-1865

by Morris Hoadley Ludington (1996)

The Furness Line to Bermuda

by Morris Hoadley Ludington (1990)

1967 Air Mails of Bermuda - Baldwin

Air Mails of Bermuda

by Norman C. Baldwin (1967)
Booklet tracing the history of Bermuda Air Mails and check list of First flights 1925-1966.

Paperback: 16 pages
Publisher: Francis J. Field Ltd., Sutton Coldfield, England

1996 Bermuda by Air Aerophilately

Bermuda by Air – A Handbook & Catalog of Bermuda Aerophilately

by Charles E. Cwiakala (1996)
Comprehensive reference lists covering all of Bermuda’s air mail postal history from 1919 to present., All listings numbered and priced. Edited by R.W. Dickgiesser.

Hardback: 144 pages
Size: 8½” x 11″
Publisher: Bermuda Catalog Project, LLC (1996)
ISBN-10: 0965201708
ISBN-13: 978-0965201704

1993 Bermuda Registration Labels Arch

Bermuda Registration Labels

by Brad Arch (1993)

Unknown: 24 pages
Illustrated throughout
Size: 8″ x 11″

1995 Bermuda Mails to 1865 Inventory of Post Markings

Bermuda Mails to 1865: An Inventory of the Postal Markings

by Michel and Freeland Forand, C. Charles (1995)
British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group. Listing over 650 covers with Bermuda postal markings, giving details of contents and providing a true guide to scarcity. Lots of illustrations.

Unknown: 124 pages

1911 Postage Stamps of Bermuda Poole

The Postage Stamps of Bermuda

by Bertram W. H. Poole (1911)
Part of the WEP Series of Philatelic Handbooks (No. 7)

Unknown: 39 pp
Publisher: D. Field, London

2012 Bermuda Specialized Catalogue

Bermuda specialized catalogue: stamps and postal history 1812-1970

Publisher: Bermuda Specialized Catalog Project LLC
Printed in USA by Sheridan Books (c2012) x, 193 p.: col. ill.; 28 cm. [G9120 .A1 B517b 2012]

A Beginning Collection of Bar and Duplex Cancels on the Victorian Stamps of Bermuda

David R. Pitts. Mimeo; May 1998. [58 pp.]


A Study of the Printings of the King George VI Key-Type High Values of Bermuda, Leeward Islands & Nyasaland

Eric P. Yendell. Study paper no. 13. King George VI Collectors Society, 1983; 21 pp.


Henry R. Holmes. London, H.F. Johnson, 1932; 93 pp.

Bermuda, 1938-53, 1/- to £1: Inferences from the Crown Agents’ Records. Study paper no. 2. King George VI Collectors Society, 1973; 16 pp. Originally published as whole number 74 of Geosix.

Bermuda: A Study of the King George VI High Value Definitives – 12/6 Perf. 14. Wilson C. K. Wong. Study paper no. 14. King George VI Collectors Society, 1989; 46 pp.

Bermuda King George VI High Values: A Guide to the Flaws and Printings. Robert W. Dickgiesser. Weston, Mass., Triad Publications, 1980, 59 pp.; bibliography.

Bermuda Mails to 1865; An Inventory of the Postal Markings. Michel Forand and Charles Freeland. Monograph no. 13. British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group, 1995; 128 pp.; bibliography, index.

Bermuda: The 1910-36 “Ship” Type Stamps. M. H. Ludington. London, Junior Philatelic Society, 1955; 35 pp.

Bermuda: The Half-Penny on One Penny Provisional of 1940. {Study paper no. 9] King George VI Collectors Society, 1976; 11 pp. Published as whole number 93 of Geosix.

Bermuda: The Post Office, Postal Markings and Adhesive Stamps. Robson Lowe, 1962. London, 297 pp. + 51 plates. A 4-page list of “Addenda and Corrigenda” was published in 1966. Supplement. London, Robson Lowe, 1968; 38 pp. + 14 plates.

First flights of Bermuda and British Caribbean FAM Routes. Charles E. Cwiakala. [Monograph no. 3]. British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group, ca. 1982; [35 pp.]. Reprinted from the British Caribbean Philatelic Journal.

Head-plate flaws of the King George VI high values of Bermuda, Leeward Islands, and Nyasaland. Interim report no. 2. King George VI Collectors Society, May 1970; 25 pp.

King George VI Large Key Type Stamps of Bermuda, Leeward Islands, Nyasaland. Robert W. Dickgiesser and Eric P. Yendall. Weston, Mass., Triad Publications, 1985, 183 pp.; bibliography.

Regular Sea Communications with Bermuda to 1914. Reprinted from Bermuda Historical Quarterly, 1979; iv+8 pp.

Stamps from the Bermuda Prize Court Sale. Kasimir Bileski. Canada ca. 1949, 11 pp.

Study of the head-plate flaws of the George VI high values of Bermuda, Leeward Islands and Nyasaland. Edwin H. Folk. Interim report. Philadelphia, August 1968, 7 pp.


The Airmails of Bermuda, 1925-1989: A Specialized Catalogue and Illustrated Price List

William J. Clark. Greenwich, Conn.

Publisher: Havemayer Press, 1990
68 pp
Second edition revised and augmented, 1991 [76 pp.]
Third edition, revised and augmented, 1992.

The Bermuda Packet Mails and the Halifax-Bermuda Mail Service 1806 to 1886

The Bermuda Packet Mails and the Halifax-Bermuda Mail Service, 1806 to 1886

Dr. Jack (John) C. Arnell and Morris. H. Ludington. Postal History Society, 1989, 103 pp. Includes annual tables showing dates of departure and arrival of each packet and mail boat at its various ports of call.

Intercepted in Bermuda: The Censorship of trans-Atlantic Mail During the Second World War

by Peter A. Flynn (2006)
Publisher: Collectors Club of Chicago

Bermuda was the main point for censorship of mail going by air or ship between the Americas and Europe. There is much history on the service with a listing of the arrival and departure of planes from May 1939 through December 1945. The database recording over 7,900 covers which has permitted a detailed listing of the markings and there usage, the tapes, examiners, earliest and latest usages by examiner number and more.

British Empire Civil Censorship Devices WW2: British West Indies & Falkland Islands Section 6

Edited by Peter C Burrows
Publisher: Civil Censorship Study Group (CCSG)
ISBN: 9780951744482

The Development of the Transatlantic Mail Service to Bermuda. Dr. Jack (John) C. Arnell. Offprint from Bermuda Journal of Archaeology and Maritime History. 1989. 18 pp. [pages 25 to 42.

The Encyclopedia of British Empire Postage Stamps. Volume 5, part 5; Bermuda and British Honduras. Robson Lowe. London, Robson Lowe, 1973; 128 pp.

The Furness Line to Bermuda. M. H. Ludington and Michael R. Rego. Monograph no. 11, British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group, 1991; 60 pp.

The King George V High-Value Stamps of Bermuda. Myles Clazer. Marblehead, Mass., Calaby Publishers, 1994; xv+208 pp.; bibliography; index

The King George VI issue for Bermuda – the 1/2d to 1/6 values: an attempt to examine and evaluate new evidence. Frank R..Saunders. King George VI Collectors Society, 1970; 16 pp.

The Postal History of Blockade Running through Bermuda, 1861-1865. Monograph no. 14. British Caribbean Philatelic Study Group, 1966; iii+47 pp.; 2 indexes

The Postal History of Bermuda. Edward B. Proud. E.B. Proud Ltd., 2003; 432 pp..

The Postal History and Postage Stamps of Bermuda. Lawrence, Mass., Quarterman, 1978; 446 pp.; index.

West Indian Censorship Devices. Handbook no. 2. Geoffrey G. Richie. Harrogate, UK, Roses Caribbean Philatelic Society, 1977; 105 pp. In addition to Bermuda, contains articles on Bahamas, Barbados (revised), British Guiana (revised), British Honduras, Cayman Islands (revised), French West Indies, Grenada (revised), Jamaica (revised), Leeward Islands, St. Lucia (revised), and St. Vincent.

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