Stamp collecting accessories

Stamp collectors need a whole host of accessories and supplies to support their hobby. Tweezers, perforation gauges, watermark detectors, stamp hinges, stamp mounts, magnifiers, glassine envelopes, catalogues and more!

  • Perforation Gauges

    Find out the perforation size of your stamp Perforations can greatly affect the value of a stamp, so knowing what size perforation your stamps have is crucial to spot those rarities. Stamps perforations or perfs first appeared in 1854 to make seperating stamps easier, rather than curtting imperforate sheets by hand with scissors. The standard for […]
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  • Epson V750 PRO Scanner


    Choosing the right scanner to digitize your collection If you want to digitize and display your collection on the web, post in forums or want to sell stamps on ebay then you need to get a good representation of your philatelic item as a digital file. You need to weigh up how much you have […]
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  • Magnifiers

    Magnifying your collection Magnifiers are an essential accessory for the stamp collector. You’ll need at least one whether it be a loupe, folding magnifier or a reader. Magnifiers help you correctly identify stamps, see detail, spot any flaws, varieties or even forgeries.   Loupes Loupes are small magnification devices used to see small details more […]
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  • Albums

    Somewhere to keep your collection Stockbooks Probably the most popular type of stamp album. Stockbooks have fixed glassine strips behind which you can place your stamps. Stockbooks come with white or black pages and are flexible for displaying your collection since stamps can easily be moved around as your collection changes and grows. Stockbooks consist […]
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  • Stamp Tweezers


    Handle your stamps safely You need stamp tweezers or stamp tongs to handle your stamp collection safely and efficiently. Without them you are likely to damage or stain your stamps. Types of stamp tweezers / tongs Self locking tweezers / tongs Needle point tweezers / tongs Angle point tweezers / tongs Straight point tweezers / […]
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  • Digital Microscopes

    Study the detail on your stamps Using a digital microscope enables you study stamps in more detail. PRO10 Portable Digital Microscope and Stand – £250 The Pro10 Microscope combines a digital camera with a portable microscope and can magnify up to 200 times so you can view your stamps or other collectables such as coins […]
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  • Watermark Detectors

    Discover the hidden gems in your stamp collection Checking watermarks is a vital part of cataloguing your stamps to ensure you know exactly which stamp you have and therefore the full value of your collection. The main issue is that watermarks are often hard to detect without specialist equipment. Watermarks are impressed on the stamp […]
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