1988 NASA STS-27 Space Shuttle Launch

On the occasion of the Space Shuttle STS-27 mission launch

Date: December 2nd 1988

1988 STS-27 NASA Cover

Type: NASA Cover
CDS: DEC 2 88 U. S. Navy ???
Cachet: NASA BERMUDA STATION NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration ON THE OCCASION OF STS-27 LAUNCH Margaret M. King
Address: Harker Ave., Woodbury, NJ 08096
Stamp: Bermuda Transport 50c Closed Cart C.1825

More about STS-27

STS-27 was the 27th NASA Space Shuttle mission, and the third flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis. Launching on 2 December 1988 on a four-day mission, it was the second shuttle flight after the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster of January 1986. STS-27 carried a classified payload for the US Department of Defense.

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