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1988 STS-27 NASA Cover

1988 NASA STS-27 Space Shuttle Launch

On the occasion of the Space Shuttle STS-27 mission launch Date: December 2nd 1988 Type: NASA Cover CDS: DEC 2 88 U. S. Navy ??? Cachet: NASA BERMUDA STATION NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration ON THE OCCASION OF STS-27 LAUNCH Margaret M. King Address: Harker Ave., Woodbury, NJ 08096 Stamp: Bermuda Transport 50c Closed […]

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1973 Bermuda Centenary of Tennis FDC

1973 Bermuda Centenary of Tennis

100 years of Bermuda Tennis Date: 17th December 1973 Cachet: FIRST DAY OF ISSUE “BERMUDA CENTENARY OF TENNIS” 17th December 1973 Stamp: BERMUDA CENTENARY OF TENNIS 1973: 4c Bernard Park Pembroke 1973 National Tennis Stadium; 15c Bermuda’s First Lawn Tennis Court – Clermont Court 1873; 18c Britain’s first Lawn Tennis club – Leamington Spa Court 1872; […]

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1971 Heath Nixon Bermuda Talks Overprint PMG signed FDC

1971 Heath – Nixon overprints

Nixon and Heath meet in Bermuda Talks Date: 20th December 1971 Stamps: HEATH – NIXON DECEMBER 1971 4c Bermudiana; 15c Passion Flower; 18c Coralita and 24c Morning Glory First Day Covers CDS: 20DEC71E HAMILTON BERMUDA Typed Cachet: FIRST DAY ISSUE / HEATH – NIXON / MEETING – BERMUDA / 20th DECEMBER, 1971 / “OVERPRINT” Address: […]

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1968 RMS Carmania Bermuda Paquetbot

RMS Carmania Paquebot Bermuda

Paquebot from Cunard RMS Carmania in Bermuda Type: Paquebot Cover Date: 16th April 1968 CDS: 16DEC68A PAQUEBOT BERMUDA Cachet: R.M.S. CARMANIA PAQUEBOT MAIL Address: Shirley, Southampton, Hants, England Stamp: Great Britain Queen Elizabeth II 4d POSTAGE & REVENUE About RMS Carmania RMS Carmania started life as RMS Saxonia, a British passenger liner built by John […]

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1966 20th Anniversary UNESCO FDC

1966 UNESCO 20th Anniversary

Omnibus Commemorative Issue Date: 1st December 1966 Stamps: 4d education, 1/3 science, 2/- culture Official First Day Cover Cachet: Official First Day Cover U.N.E.S.C.O. 20th Anniversary 1946-1966 Stamped Cachet: 20th ANNIVERSARY OF U. N. E. S. C. O. 1946-1966 OMNIBUS COMMEMORATIVE ISSUE FIRST DAY COVER, DECEMBER 1, 1966 CDS: HAMILTON BERMUDA -1DEC66 Address: Mrs Paschal, […]

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1961 The Bermuda Meeting cover

1961 The Bermuda Meeting

The Bermuda Meeting special cachet Type: Cacheted Cover Date: 21st December 1961 CDS: 5-PM 21 1961 DEC HAMILTON BERMUDA / COME TO BERMUDA THE ISLES OF REST Cachet: THE BERMUDA MEETING 1961 Dec 21-22 Handstamped: 2 LLOYDS BANK LIMITED CITY OFFICE 27 DEC 1961 OPENED AND CHECKED BY Envelope: The Bank of Bermuda Limited, Bermuda […]

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1957 Royal Visit Last Day of Issue

1958 Bermuda Royal Visit Last Day of Issue

Last Day of Issue for Royal Visit issue The Royal Visit issue was replaced by the Perot Post Office issue the following day. Date: 31st December 1958 Stamp: Adapted 6d White-tailed Tropicbird Phaethon flavirostris Queen Elizabeth definitive marked “ROYAL VISIT 1953”. CDS: 11-AM 31DEC 1958 HAMILTON BERMUDA / COME TO BERMUDA THE ISLES OF REST […]

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1953 Bermuda Conference Cachet Commemorative Cover

1953 Big Three Bermuda Conference

Final day of the conference Date: 7th December 1953 Cachet: Bermuda CONFERENCE DEC. 4th-7th 1953 Type: Commemorative Cover CDS: 11-AM 7 DEC 1953 HAMILTON BERMUDA / COME TO BERMUDA THE ISLES OF REST Cachet: Bermuda CONFERENCE DEC. 4th-7th 1953 Address: Melborne Place, Devizes, Wiltshire Seal: Christmas Greetings 1953 BERMUDA Stamp: Queen Elizabeth 2/6d definitive Warwick […]

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1953 Big Three Bermuda Conference Commemorative Cover

1953 Big Three Bermuda Conference

United States, Great Britain and France Date: 4th December 1953 Type: Commemorative Cover CDS: -4DEC53B ST.GEORGES BERMUDA Cachet: BIG THREE BERMUDA CONFERENCE UNITED STATES GREAT BRITAIN FRANCE featuring Easter Lillies, three emblems and three flags. Address: Dr T.J. Mitchell, 41 Kelly Street, Greenock, Scotland Stamps: Queen Elizabeth 1½d definitive with Bermuda Easter Lily Type: Commemorative […]

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