1957 The Bermuda Talks

Eisenhower Macmillan Bermuda Talks

Date: 21st March 1957

1957 Bermuda Talks FDC

Type: Commemorative Day Cover
Cachet: The Bermuda Talks 1957 FIRST DAY OF ISSUE Eisenhower – Macmillan THREE ARROWS
Address: John Gmeindl, 3774 E. Whittaker, Cudahy, Wisconsin
Stamp: 1½d QEII Bermuda Easter Lily definitive

More Information

The second summit conference was held after the first summit in December 1953. The British Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, arrived earlier than President Eisenhower, to demonstrate they were meeting on British territory, as tensions were still high regarding the previous year’s conflict over the Suez Canal.

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