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1971 Deliverance 1610 FDC

1971 Deliverance 1610

Commemorating “Deliverance” 1610 Date: 10th May 1971 Cachet: First Day Issue “Deliverance” 1610 10th May, 1971 Stamps: Bermuda 4c Building of Deliverance 1609-1610; 15c Deliverance and Patience arrive in Jamestown Virginia 1610; 18c Wreck of the Sea Venture 1609 and 24c Deliverance and Patience 1610 Official First Day Covers Cachet: BERMUDA Deliverance OFFICIAL FIRST DAY […]

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1958 9d definitive Bermuda News Bureau FDC

1958 9d denomination of Queen Elizabeth II issue

New 9d denomination Date: 6th January 1958 Cachet: “FIRST DAY ISSUE 9d DENOMINATION OF QUEEN ELIZABETH II ISSUE 6th JANUARY, 1958” Stamp: QEII 9d definitive Sea Venture, Pinnace Deliverance, Easter Lillies, Hog Penny, Perot Provisional Stamp Type: First Day Cover CDS: -6JAN58B HAMILTON BERMUDA Address: F. E. Merrill, Stamp Editor, GREELEY TRIBUNE & REPUBLICAN, Greeley, […]

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1957 20th Anniversry of the First Passenger Flights OHMS CC

1957 20th Anniversary of the First Passenger Flights Bermuda and USA

Commemorating the Anniversary of First Passenger Flights between Bermuda and the USA Cachet: 20th Anniversary of the First Passenger Flights between Bermuda and The United States 1937 – 1957. Imperial Airways (B.O.A.C.) June 16th, 1937 and Pan American Airways June 17th, 1937 Type: OHMS Commemorative Cover CDS: 17JUN57B HAMILTON BERMUDA Envelope: ON HER MAJESTY’S SERVICE […]

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