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1991 United Airlines First Flight Washington to Bermuda

New route from United Airlines Date: 10th April 1991 Cachet: First Flight from Washington to Bermuda U.S. Postal Service U.S. Postal Service UNITED AIRLINES CDS: WASHINGTON, DC 20066 APR 10 1991 Backstamp: AIR MAIL A.M.F. BERMUDA 10APR91A Address: Ms. Cristina Flagg, 4300 Sugarleaf Court, Virginia Beach, VA 23462 Stamps: USA 50c Chester W. Nimitz

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1983 British Airways Concorde Bermuda to Orlando First Flight

1983 British Airways Concorde First Flight Bermuda to Orlando

Concorde first flight from Bermuda to Orlando Date: 17th October 1983 Type: Official British Airways Cover CDS: 16.OCT83B HAMILTON BERMUDA Backstamp: OCT 17 1983 ORLANDO, FL 328 / COVER NUMBER 32 OF 100 OFFICIALLY CREW SIGNED Printed Cachet: British Airways Concorde BRITISH AIRWAYS CONCORDE FIRST FLIGHT BERMUDA – ORLANDO OFFICIAL BRITISH AIRWAYS COVER / Flown […]

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1983 200th Anniversary of Manned Flight FDC

1983 200th Anniversary of Manned Flight

Commemorating the anniversary of the Montgolfiers 1783-1983 Date: 13th October 1983 Stamps: 12c First Flight over Bermuda – Curtis Jenny 1919, 30c First completed flight between U.S. & Bermuda – Stinson ‘Pilot Radio’ 1930, 40c First Scheduled Passenger Flight ‘Cavalier’ Short Empire Flying Boat 1937 featuring Bermuda Airport Imperial Airways and $1 ‘USS Los Angeles’ […]

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1969 Northeast Airlines Bermuda to Boston First Flight

1969 First Flight Boston to Bermuda Northeast Airlines

First air mail service between Boston and Bermuda Date: 14th March 1969 Bermuda to Boston Cachet: First Flight Bermuda to Boston Northeast Airlines featuring Bermuda silhouette (blue) CDS: 14MAR69B HAMILTON BERMUDA Backstamp: PM MAR14 1969 BOSTON MASS. AIRPORT MAIL FACILITY Envelope: Northeast Airlines / Logan International Airport, Boston, Massachusetts 02128 Address: Travelways, Hotel Robert Treat, […]

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1958 BOAC First Flight London to Caracas FF

1958 BOAC First Flight Between London and Caracas

BOAC Britannia Jet-prop airliner First flight from London to Caracas Venezuela via Bermuda. London, Bermuda, Barbados, Trinidad and Caracas service by BOAC Britannia turbo-prop aircraft. This was the first BOAC service to South America since 1954 and the first ever between Europe and South America by a propellor-turbine powered aircraft. Type: First Flight Cover Date: […]

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BOAC First Speedbird Constellation Flight Bermuda to New York

1948 BOAC First Speedbird Constellation Flight Bermuda to New York

The flying boats are replaced 1948 18th January Hamilton–New York via BOAC First Speedbird Constellation, G-AHEN, RMA Baltimore flight; souvenir covers printed with inscription. Type: First Flight Cover Machine cancel: 1-PM 18th JAN 1948 HAMILTON BERMUDA / COME TO BERMUDA THE ISLES OF REST Cachet: B.O.A.C FIRST SPEEDBIRD CONSTELLATION FLIGHT / BERMUDA – NEW YORK […]

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1947 Colonial Airlines Inaugural Flight Washington DC FF

1947 FAM 33 Colonial Airlines New York Washington DC Bermuda

First Flight of FAM 33 Hamilton–New York–Washington by Colonial Airlines. Cachet: Purple – WASHINGTON – NEW YORK – COLONIAL AIRLINES INAUGUAL FLIGHT AUGUST 1st 1947 Date: August 1st 1947 Return flight westbound Bermuda to Washington DC CDS: -1AUG47A HAMILTON BERMUDA Address: Mr. Sigmund Janas, President, Colonial Airlines, Inc., 223 Shoreham Building, Washington, D. C. Envelope: […]

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