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1973 Eastern Airlines Orlando Bermuda First Flight

1973 Eastern Inaugural Flight USA to Bermuda

Inaugural flight by Eastern Air Lines Date: 1st May 1973 Orlando to Bermuda Type: First Flight Cover CDS: AM MAY 1 1973 ORLANDO FLA. Backsamp:  -1MAY73 HAMILTON BERMUDA Cachet: INAUGURAL FLIGHT ORLANDO BERMUDA EASTERN Address: Tom Bosley, 8245 N. 27th Ave., A-41, Phoenix Arizona 85021 Stamp: 17c US Air Mail Liberty Atlanta to Bermuda Type: […]

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1969 Northeast Airlines Bermuda to Boston First Flight

1969 First Flight Boston to Bermuda Northeast Airlines

First air mail service between Boston and Bermuda Date: 14th March 1969 Bermuda to Boston Cachet: First Flight Bermuda to Boston Northeast Airlines featuring Bermuda silhouette (blue) CDS: 14MAR69B HAMILTON BERMUDA Backstamp: PM MAR14 1969 BOSTON MASS. AIRPORT MAIL FACILITY Envelope: Northeast Airlines / Logan International Airport, Boston, Massachusetts 02128 Address: Travelways, Hotel Robert Treat, […]

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