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1965 International Co-operation Year omnibus FDC

1965 International Co-operation Year Omnibus

Bermuda omnibus issue Date: 25th October 1965 Cachet: “INTERNATIONAL CO-OPERATION YEAR” OMNIBUS COMMEMORATIVE ISSUE FIRST DAY COVER 2th OCTOBER, 1965 Stamps: Bermuda International Co-operation Year 1965 4d, 2/6d Type: First Day Cover CDS: 25OCT65B HAMILTON BERMUDA About the Omnibus issue Key facts Designer/Engraver: Victor Whitely Printers: Harrison & Sons Ltd Process: Lithography Perforation: 14½ Watermark: […]

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1965 Fifty Years of Scouting 2/- FDC

1965 50th Anniversary of Scouting in Bermuda

Commemorating 50th Anniversary of Scouting in Bermuda 1915-65 Date: 24th July 1965 Cachet: FIRST DAY COVER 24th July, 1965 COMMEMORATING 50th ANNIVERSARY BOY SCOUTING IN BERMUDA. Stamp: ISLANDS OF BERMUDA 2/- 1915-1965 Fifty Years of Scouting Official First Day Cover Cachet: BE PREPARED 1915-1965 50th ANNIVERSARY OF SCOUTING IN BERMUDA OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER CDS: […]

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