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1994 75th Anniversary of Furness Bermuda Line FDC

2004 50th Anniversary of the Bermuda Orchid Society

50 years of studying orchids Date: 18th November 2004 Stamps: 35c Oncidium ampliatum var. majus; 45c Encyclia fragrans; 85c Phalaenopsis Pine Hill; $1.10 Paphiopedilum leeanum Official First Day Cover Cachet: Phalaenopsis Sweet Revenge image / 50th Anniversary of the Bermuda Orchid Society / Bermuda Commemorative Issue & Official First Day Cover / Release Date: 18 […]

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2002 QEII Golden Jubilee Miniature / Souvenir Sheet FDC

2002 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee

Omnibus Issue Commemorating the Golden Jubilee Date: 6th February 2002 Stamps: Bermuda 10c Princess Elizabeth with Corgi; 35c Queen Elizabeth in evening dress, 1965; 70cQueen Elizabeth in car, 1952; 85c Queen Elizabeth on Merseyside, 1991; $1 Portrait of Queen Elizabeth after Annigoni Type: Buckingham First Day Cover CDS: BERMUDA FIRST DAY OF ISSUE 50 Years […]

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1994 Flowering Fruits Definitive Series Part II FDC

1994 Flowering Fruits Definitive Series Part II

More values for the definitive issue Date: 6th October 1994 Stamps: 10c Calabash Crescentia cujete; 25c Mulberry Morus nigra; 35c Grape Vitis vinifera; 55c Orange Citrus sinensis; $1 Prickly Pear Opuntia dillenii; $5 Banana Musa paradisiaca Type: Official First Day Cover Cachet: Official First Day Cover. Release Date 6 October 1994. BERMUDA FLOWERING FRUITS DEFINITIVE […]

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1992 7th World Congress of Kennel Clubs

A dog themed commemorative set Date: 12th November 1992 Stamps: 25c German Shepherd; 35c Irish Setter; 60c Whippet; 75c Border Terrier; 85c Pomeranian; $1 Schipperke Official First Day Cover Cachet: 7th World Congress of Kennel Clubs / 12 November 1992 / OFFICIAL FIRST DAY COVER CDS: HAMILTON BERMUDA 12NOV92A Address: Mr. Peter Komposch, General Manager, […]

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1983 BA Concorde Orlando to Bermuda First Flight

1983 British Airways Concorde First Flight Orlando to Bermuda

Concorde first flight from Orlando to Bermuda Date: 14th October 1983 Type: Signed Official British Airways Cover CDS: OCT 14 1983 ORLANDO, FL 328 Backstamp: 14.OCT83A HAMILTON BERMUDA / CERTIFIED FLOWN R. M. WHITCHURCH-BENNETT BRITISH AIRWAYS and signed Printed Cachet: British airways Concorde BRITISH AIRWAYS CONCORDE FIRST FLIGHT ORLANDO – BERMUDA OFFICIAL BRITISH AIRWAYS COVER […]

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