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Neil Rigby and the Perots

Me at the Royal Philatelic Society with five rare Bermuda Postmaster stamps.

My name is Neil Rigby and I am a specialist collector of Bermuda stamps having collected stamps since I was a young boy. I returned to active collecting a few years ago after a period of inactivity, merely leafed through my collection on the odd rainy day and shown it to my children without adding anything new to it.

This all changed in early 2013 when I totted up the value of my collection and wondered if I could fill the many holes in my album and obtain some of the stamps I really wanted when I was younger but could not afford or source. Of course, a lot has changed since those days when stamp purchases involved a trip to your local stamp shop or approvals via mail order. The internet has enabled me to vastly improve my collection without travelling.

Stamp collecting is a relaxing hobby that ticks a lot of boxes on a whole host of interests – history, social history, graphic design, aviation, military and naval history, air travel, cruising, tourism, geography, colonial history, collecting and more. Couple all that together with the internet and stamp collecting gets a lot more dynamic in terms of researching, displaying and sharing your collection.

With all the possibilities that the internet brings for sourcing stamps I needed a collecting strategy to enable some focus. I created an A-Z list of countries I was interested in with the intention of working my way through it methodically – well, I didn’t get very far! Having discounted Aden, Anguilla, Antigua, Ascension Island, Australia, Bahamas, Barbados, Barbuda, Basutoland and Bechuanaland, I chose Bermuda on the basis that I’ve been to Bermuda before and some of my favourite stamps were issued from there.

Well, it didn’t take long to figure out it may take time to collect and example of each issue, particular on covers which is my personal preference, so here I am now still collecting!

Bermuda offers a whole range of stamp issues making it an interesting country to collect. As a British Overseas Territory the stamps still feature today the Queen’s head or cypher which give them a certain gravitas. Starting with the first rare and valuable Perot Provisionals, a diverse range of definitives, a vast array of keyplate designs, well designed commemoratives released at a sensible frequency and affordable covers from first day covers, first flight, censor covers, commemorative covers and more.

Since my working life involves building and promoting websites I decided to build a website dedicated to Bermuda Stamps where I can share information, network with other collectors and sell my and other collectors’ overstock stamps.

Rather than hide my collection away on a bookshelf I bring it to the web to share.

I hope you enjoy it and please get in touch via Facebook or Twitter!

All the Best!

Neil Rigby

Stop Press!

APRIL2016: I have been elected a Director of the Bermuda Collectors Society to assist in the future running of the society.

MAY 2015: My membership application for The Royal Philatelic Society London has been approved and published in The London Philatelist Volume 124 June 2015 Number 1426.

FEB 2015: Having joined the Bermuda Collectors Society in 2015 I have now filled the vacancy of Webmaster for them! I highly recommend that you join the BCS if you have any interest in Bermuda Philately. The Bermuda Post quarterly publication is an excellent read making the subs good value.


2016 Bermuda Collectors Society – Director
2015 Bermuda
Collectors Society – Webmaster
2015 The Royal Philatelic Society London – Member
2015 Royal Tunbridge Wells Philatelic Society – Member


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